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What the differences between Magnetic Glass Writing Board and the Ordinary Whiteboard

Nowadays, many people may not have used glass whiteboard, but there must be a lot of people have used the ordinary Whiteboard! Apparently, there are some differences between them. Below are the specific differences:

Firstly, the ordinary whiteboard and Glass Whiteboard from the production of material, there is a big difference. The ordinary Whiteboard generally belong to a variety of materials, quality and diversification. Glass White Board is obviously made with a glass of white.

Secondly, for the service life, which one is more longer?
Glass Whiteboard’s servic life is more longer. Because when the ordinary whiteboard is used for some periods, it wiill turn black, traces font is difficult to erase, it requires professional cleaning solution to clean it. The quality of Glass Whiteboard should be firm, not easily be deformed.

Thirdly, the price of the ordinary Whiteboard is cheaper than glass Whiteboard.

Finally, glass white board as long as it’s not man-made to destroy it, it will be permanent use, easy to write and easy to clean, looks nice and more safer, it will help to increase the company's image.

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